(1) Comprehensive Extension Programmes:
The Institution has copious other Extension Programmes not only for Students but also for the Staff members too. The main aims of the Extension Programmes for Students are to bring out them from the four walls of the college campus and to make them expose towards the social strata of Indian Villages. In order to make students aware their hidden talent and skills of student extension activities are quite necessary. The main aim of the extension programmes are to measure up the talent and skill hidden inside the students of the college and university.
The College has number of students’ strength coming from various places possessing various skills. Our college provides them a platform for their overall personality development. The college invites guest lecturers to provide knowledge of their subjects as well as on the other subjects too. Students under guidance of the teachers organize various social awareness and well programs off the campus.
The Students’ orientation programme is such a useful expression that plays plausible and essential role related to teaching learning skills in order to motivate students to think out of box and to solve the problems they usually face during their study.
In order to promote research activities into practice, the staff members are offered financial support for paper presentation in seminars, workshops and conferences. Besides, they are also provided Duty Leave for that.
(2) Extension Service Activities:
Service to humanity is service to God. The Institution keeps this motto invariably implement while arranging Extensive services. The small list is mention below to enumerate a few…
 Lectures arranged for orientation of new entrant students for various service activities of the college by Prof. J.V.Patel and Prof. D.V.Patel on July 14, 2014
 On 21 July, 2014, Swami Vivekanand Rath Yatra was welcomed into our Institution and a lecture of Prabhu Seva Nandaji was arranged which was related to : “Yuvanona Adarsh Swami Vivekanand”. This programme was followed by a Book Exhibition.
 During the Festival of Forest Week, on 27 th July,2014 selected students visited the Plant-nursery, they planted some trees in the campus and a related lecture was arranged.
 On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Swachhata Abhiyan, a cleanliness drive was made in the college in which Class rooms, Offices, Labs, Play Grounds, Gardens, Toilets, Water tanks etc. were cleaned. An Essay Competition was held in which 88 students took part. It covered various subjects such as “Swachhata tyan Prabhuta”, “Swachha Gam Yatranu Dham”, “Imporatance of Swachhata in Life”, ” My Village Swachha Village”.
 During 19-21 July, 2014, a district level Service Workshop was arranged by Hem. North Gujarat University- Patan in which 10 students Volunteers took part.
 On 14 th August, 2014, Keep in in view the 68th Independence Day, Programme Officer Prof. J.V.Patel alon with 53 Volunteers Students Participated in State Level Yuva Samelan held at Hem. North Gujarat University- Patan.
 During 6-7 January 2015, Hem. North Gujarat University- Patan organised Three days Zone Social Workshop for special training od NSS students, in which Prof. J.V.Patel alon with 08 students took part.
 On 12 th January 2015, the NSS Unit of our Institution celebrated Swami Vivekanand Birth Anniversary.
 A series of two lectures were organised in our Institution on 12 th January,2015 organised by NSS Unit and Red Ribbon Club, in which following two speakers covered the related topics:
a) Smt. Jayanaben Patel: “Rakt Dan Aej Maha Dan”.
b) Smt. Ushaben Buch (Social Worker): AIDS ni Bhayanakta ane Tena Nivaranna Upayo”.
 On 20th January, 2015, an Essay Competition was organised by NSS Unit and Red Ribin Club, in which 12 students of our college took part.
 On 23rd January, 2015, keeping in view the Subhashchandra Bose Birth Anniversary, A Blood Donation Camp with the help of Red Cross Society-Patan was held, in which Students of NSS Unit along with Red Ribin Club Students took part.
 During 5-11th February 2015, A seven Days Gram Safai and Lok Jagruti Shibir was organised by NSS Unit of the College at nearby Ranasan Village of Chanasma Taluka.
 The students in this college come mainly from surrounding rural areas. They are raw diamonds who can be moulded into jewels. If this power is not channelized properly, this national asset can go wasted. There is need to pay proper attention to them. The Practice: After the admission to the college, interested students are invited to college ground. Physical Director of the college filters the students as per their capacity, past record and choice. The college has also formed a committee for sports, which, along with the Physical Director of the college, takes care of the requirements. The students are given coaching by the Physical Director and support staff. Different indoor games like Wresting, Judo, Carom and Chess and outdoor sports like athletics, cricket, volleyball, hockey, kho-kho, kabaddi, football, handball and many more are taught to the students in a formal way. The college has been keeping pace with the latest inventions in the field of sports and has always tried to maintain the standards of equipments up to the mark. Moreover, the awareness of sports and discipline is cultivated among them. Apart from these traditional sports, Yoga is given utmost importance in this college. The main aim of Sports committee is to prepare sports persons who can express themselves at State, National and International levels and to inculcate the spirit of Discipline, Determination, Commitment, Confidence among the players To contribute to the progress of society and thereby the nation. it gives ample facility to develop brotherhood among different class and creed of the society. To groom mentally and physically strong youth with the help of Yoga and to make aware the present fashionable generation which has forgotten age-old slogan of ‘Health is Wealth’. Moreover, the excessive attack of technology has made this generation towards sports and Yoga. They are not aware of the benefits of a healthy body and strong mind. In addition to it, an activity of sports is something more than simple entertainment. It contributes to all round development of a person’s personality. Now-a-days, there are ample of job opportunities for the players who have remarkable performances under his/her belt. Unemployment is a huge problem of our society. In such condition, students can earn jobs in different services. A good disciplined player has better chances of becoming a good leader. The college intends to prepare such a sound generation. Yoga has not been paid that much attention as it should have been. Yoga not only makes the man physically but also mentally strong. It is also a good sport now becoming famous in international circles.
 To create awareness among the students, staff and community about the need to women empowerment college creates and caters ample events. It makes the College Girls students to have an opportunity to actively involved in this mammoth task. This awareness suggests plans for women empowerment among the students, staff and community. To uplift women to a level equal to men, to enable women for job and thereby self-dependent. To prepare them able for healthy competition to the male counterpart. The State of Gujarat has been lagging behind in the matter of development of women because it has more or less remained a backward state uptill the advent of 21st century. The poverty is so dominating a force that education, development and empowerment of women have been a far off thought. Therefore it is imperative to take initiatives to guide such deprived half of the society to a path of progress. The students are the best representatives to inculcate this change into the society. A course on Beauty Parlour Skills is run by Home science department of the college. A short-term course on Preparation of Bakery Items is held every year. Training of Chocolate Making, bakery items and Cooking is conducted on regular bases. A lecture was organised on safety measures to be taken by the housewives in case of accidents. Our Home science department is active enough to make the girl students participated and got trained in the activities like sewing, embroidery, mahendi, beauty parlour tricks, Rakhi making etc. Many girl students have started making their livelihood on the bases of the skills developed in this programme. Sometimes the response from the students for such courses is not encouraging. It is difficult to bring the students to such training classes after their regular class because of low frequency of transportation. The students from our town turn up in big number but the strength of girl students from remote villages still need to be guided positively. No financial problems were encountered in carrying out all the activities mentioned above. The major problem that the institute encounters is the availability of students for this class. As this classes are generally held in the morning, it is difficult to attract more students from the society.