About Ruppur and Chanasama

Ruppur is a small village having population of 2500 situated on chanasma – Patan Road. It is 2 K.M. far from Chanasma and 16 K.M. from Patan. Its major occupation is farming and farm-work. The primary school was awarded as ‘a Model School of Gujarat in 1971 and as the ‘Best School’ of Taluka in 1993 under the M.L.L. Project. There is a beautiful ancient temple of Harsiddha Mataji (Goddess)Beside the temple, there in a large concrete, ancient Lake built by Maharaja Siddharaj)A farmer’s son named Padmashri  Dr. Karshanbhai Khodidas Patel, Chairman of ‘Nirma. Ltd.” who is a well-Known leading industrialist of India has glorified the name of this village in the world.

Dr. K.K. Patel has been honoured by various awards by the Central & the State Government. He has also been a generous donor and distinguished personality in the society. ‘Nirma University’ established by him in Ahmedabad has a unique place in the world of education.

Chanasma’s origin can be known by its literature and stone-inscriptions. There is Ahirvadi, Goliya, Vasundhra, Rani well, and Mochi-well that witness the old history of chanasma. It is considered that it has a thousand years’ outline of its history. In the ancient time, the village had ten groups of families belonging to various castes. It has risen up to 1700 families till now, during the course of time. The major member of families among Twenty Thousand’s population is of kadava patidar (Caste). The rest are from various castes like Brahmin, Jain, Harijan and other backword classes. Some of the families have settled down in abroad.

A Villager of chanasma, Shri Manibhai Purushottamdas Patel had sacrificed his life for nation during ‘Quit India Movement of 1942′ and became a martyr at Adas on 18th August, 1942.

Chanasma has various academic institutions right from pre-primary to Higher and technical education. There are government Hospital, General Hospital, and maternity Home. There are also two public dinning-halls, and various beautiful temples. One can also see an animal home (Panjara pole) for the care of the discarded animals. The industry of Safe and Cupboard is a leading business of the town. There is a G.I.D.C., Market yard, Nationalized and Co-operative banks in the village.