With a view to build the national character for the people of rural areas of Chanasma Taluka, the Gram Vikas Trust Ruppur – Chanasma was founded on 1-1-1983. The ‘Nima Memorial Trust’ donated Rs. 25,00,000 in 1994. So the Trust was named ‘Nima Memorial’ Gram Vikas Trust, Ruppur – Chanasma..

1 Shri Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel – President
2 Shri Kantilal Pranlal Patel
3 Shri. Purshottambhai Prabhudas Patel
4 Shri Purshottambhai Ambalal Patel
5 Shri Amthabhai Jorabhai Desai
Lt. Shri. Naranbhai Bhagubhai Patel
6 Shri Chandulal Cheldas Patel
7 Lt. Shri. Prahladbhai Shanbhubhai Patel.
Shri. Vivekbhai Prahlalbhai Patel – Vice-President


The main objective of the Trust shall be the development of Ruppur and surrounding villages, such as educational development, economical development, social development, Health development, women development, removal of evil customs and systems by establishing communal harmony to create healthy and awakened society to build the national character, whose detailed outlines are as under:


For every kind of education such as Balmandir, Primary education, Women education, Technical and Technological education to create and manage educational institutions and to provide scholarships to brilliant students and to encourage them for higher studies.


To build suitable industries, workshop, Godawn etc. for villagers, agricultural development and research to promote agriculture and create employment and to make research, give training and to conduct Home Industries and Women Industries.


To remove long established evil habits and wrong customs among villagers, to arrange mass marriages (Samuh Lagna) to create atmosphere of national Character and communal harmony and to build up healthy and awakened society for social sense by arranging lectures, seminars and exhibitions.


To plan Schemes that will improve general health of villagers, to make attempts to remove infectious diseases and to make relative researches and to arrange various health-camps with the help of panel of doctors for village health such as Eye camp, Tooth Camp, etc. for general health and body welfare activities for villagers.


By providing early national character building facilities to children, to raise all religion sympathy and to remove untouchability differences between different castes, to awaken national spirit by arranging suitable programmes, seminars, exhibitions etc. for rebuilding healthy and patriotic society. ‘The’ Nima Memorial ‘Gram Vikas Trust decided to set up college and technical institute for the students of Chanasma, Sami and Harij Talukas. The Trust runs various institutes in a large 31 Acres land campus like

  • The Khodidas Vandas Patel Technical Institute – Dt.25/08/1985
  • The Chanasma Nagrik Sahakari Bank Arts & Shri Bhagubhai Amthabhai Patel & Shri. Devshankar Bhadrishankar Vyas Commerce College – Dt. 16/06/1989
  • Shri. Khodidas Vandas Patel Industrial Training Institute – Dt.01/08/1990

About 2000 Students are studying now.


Activities of the Trust

Minimum Level of Learning Project (M.L.L. Project)

Ministry of Human Resource Development of Central Government had allotted four M.L.L. Projects in Gujarat. Among One Project was allotted to our Trust. To achieve minimum achievement at the Primary education level, about 1000 rural teachers of 151 Schools are trained through training camps. As a result, the education can improved.
The Trust had organized the competitions for Best Teacher, Best Head Master, Best School to make the project efficient. The winners were encouraged with Prizes. For this purpose, the Nirma Chemical Works had donated Rs. 51,000. This project was continued five years. Our project is accepted as ‘Model Project’ and it has been into practice as M.L.L. Project for all over Gujarat Primary Schools.

Medical Camp

A Camp for orthopedic patients was held by Nirma Foundation in 1993. About 1000 patients benefited in this camp. It was free of charge Camp for three days. The employees under this trust had Co-Operated well.

Free Ration

B.P.L. holders are provided ration at every fort night by this trust run by Ramji Mandir since 1990.

Bhagavad Saptah

Shri Dongaraji Maharaj’s Bhagavad Saptah was arranged to provide the spiritual knowledge to the people. on 10-1-1989. On this occasion, the Governor of Gujarat Hon, Shri R.K. Trivedi, The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Amarsinh Chaudhary & Many other celebrities were remained present.

Bhumi Poojan / Stone Foundation

The Stone Foundation of the College Building was founded by the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Chimanbhai Patel on 27th April,1990. On this occasion, Prominent leader of the Co-operative Field Shri Atmarambhai Patel, Educational Minister, Shri Karsandas Soneri, Revenue Minister, Shri Dalshukhbhai Godani & Technical Education Minister (State Level) Shri Arvindbhai Patel were Present.